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Painting for Connection (Workshop)- Gisborne, Macedon Ranges

please join me to connect, share, listen and paint with others in a supported environment.

I am a local landscape artist and mental health support worker that started painting for myself in 2019, I found there was something very healing in the process of creating art. Painting for me is now a part of my well-being tool kit, I paint when things are challenging, and I paint when things are good, I would like to create space for you to join me and others to find how painting can support you.

this workshop isn't about creating a masterpiece, there will be a theme if you wish to follow but the point is to express yourself and paint in whichever way comes, while we hold space for anyone that would like to talk. All the tools will be provided and you can take home your canvas if you wish to, otherwise, I can recycle it to use next time.

unsure if this is for you, please read on for some of the benefits I feel this workshop could bring:

Painting can be a healing experience

there is much research to support the healing befits of creative expression and I encourage you to do some research on this topic, I know for myself painting and being in nature has helped me through some challenging times.

Creative expression

in this workshop we will loosely follow a theme, the point is not to create a masterpiece, and it's not to create art that looks the same as the person next to you, it is about tapping into what resonates with you, finding what colors, shapes and textures come from within you not your neighbour. the tools will be provided, how much you add to your painting is up to you.

you might surprise yourself

at first, you may feel like there is much room for improvement, however, all artist improve their skills over time, and you might even surprise yourself with the piece of work you created or you may even find humor in it. either way, it can be a joyful experience.

"it is a simple and generous rule of life that whatever you practice, you will improve at" - Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

connecting with others matters

Being connected to others is important for our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, much research supports the benefits of spending time in other people's presence, sharing stories, and connecting on different levels. as our lives become busier with all the to-do's and shoulds, plus the social pressures to be completely independent (I can do it all!) we are starting to lose the connections that support and encourage us, our community. finding space to reconnect with yourself and others is important.

“Loneliness hangs over our culture today like a thick smog.” ― Johann Hari, Lost Connections

or just come and enjoy a cup of tea

There is no pressure to stay for the duration of the workshop and don't worry if you can't make it on time, we are not following a step-by-step process, we will be painting in our own time, you might just want to come for a cup of tea and a chat and that's fine too!

Where to for support in the Macedon Ranges

I encourage everyone to have a look at and even support the work of Macedon Ranges Suicide Prevention Action Group - MRSPAG. I currently sit on the committee and we are always looking for volunteers.

for a list of support groups and community groups in the Macedon Ranges please visit.

You never know until you try!

so why not give it a go and book in to see if this workshop is for you by emailing

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